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Freight transportation, maritime, railway, land warehousing and distribution, supply chain solutions - we deal with it
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Logistics refer to the process of managing the flow of operations between the point of collection to the point of delivery. This includes all the mechanisms, warehouses, people and resources that are involved throughout the entire delivery process.

People refer to logistics services when talking about the transportation of heavy goods and bulk loads. Sometimes, the term is used to refer to cargo and freight transport.

Following this idea, the transport of bigger consignments and shipments that need special care come under the umbrella of logistics services. Compared to courier services, logistics services are considered to be a safer option when it comes to shipping valuable goods. This is because it can accommodate the transport of pallets and containers. Packages and items that are placed on a pallet are usually handled mechanically with forklifts.

The provider of the logistics services handles processes such as inventory, shipping, packaging, warehousing and security functions for shipments.


Operating in today's global economy means being in the right place at the right time to optimize speed to market. Place can include multi-channel selling and varying customs requirements for sourcing and distribution. Achieving speed to market can mean regional fulfilment, reclaims, repairs and replacements. The expense and lead time of building facilities, staff and processes shouldn't keep you from seizing opportunity. Let FASTEX mobilise our global network of facilities, technology and experts to optimize and manage your complete supply chain, from warehousing to shipping to returns and repairs


Packaging and re-packaging, Mixing and blending, Light manufacturing, Sub-Assembly Metering, Grinding Kitting and Sample storage and dispatch.


Need something sent abroad? No problem. Whether it’s an envelope to Egypt or a pallet to Peru, we can organize it. We can provide Express services for Next Day deliveries to major cities or an Economy service for the less urgent packages. Collection from throughout the U.S.A, Australia, UK and Scotland can be arranged for onward delivery to the required destination.We can also do import from any part of the world back to U.S.A, Australia, UK and Scotland. Looking for cheaper international solution for big non urgent consignments try our sea freight service on a very competitive rates in the market.

Fastex Courier is proud to offer a fantastic reverse logistics solution which is a very unique service and not many in the market can offer.

This service is a very cost effective service for the bigger and smaller IT sector firms where we can collect faulty or old equipments to either return to their main hub or customers return loop. For more info on this service just call or drop us an email.


For fast, high-speed delivery, high-urgency shipments Express Service might just be the solution for you and your goods. Select Couriers offers a very wide range of flexible express services, locally as well as internationally. Our express services help you to transport your consignments fast and accurate. Fastex Courier allows you to pick a time slot in which you want to have your consignment picked up and/or delivered.


Our extensive Economy Service solutions offer your business friendly and competitive rates for the transport of low- to mid-urgency goods. Economy services might not transit your consignments as fast as Direct Courier or Express Services, but in return you get very attractive rates. Fastex Courier partners with leading carriers to make sure you are able to pick the Economy service that you are most comfortable with.


Sea freight is a very cost-effective way of transporting your consignments, parcels and goods across the globe. Select Courier partners with major shipping lines and carriers, which will make sure that your shipments are delivered safely and accompanied with the correct paperwork. In addition to this, Fastex Courier works with clever supply chain solutions, which allow us to consolidate shipments, and subsequently, reduce CO2-emission. We advise you to take advantage of our sea freight services if you need to need to transport voluminous goods


If you want to send a very heavy consignment that needs to be delivered fast, airfreight service might just be the perfect solution for you. Fastex Courier offers your business tailor-made solutions to get your air freight organised accurate, fast, clean and financially transparent.

Custom Business Solutions

Every business has different supply chain challenges; which means that standard solutions are rarely effective.
Our experience in creating “complete” logistics systems gives us considerable flexibility in how we work with you. Whether we focus on your entire supply chain or smaller elements within it, we can add measurable efficiency and cost savings to your business processes.
We’ll address material supply, line replenishment, distribution, packaging and final product delivery. By considering your entire supply chain, we are able to provide specific, customized business solutions for large-scale production operations.

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Inbound & outbound Solutions

We perform a detailed analysis of the specific process and requirements of your industry. Our evaluation will include material supply scenarios, lead times, delivery demands and cost efficiency for each part of the journey. And our solutions will add precision, reliability and savings to your business process.


We are proud of our ability to design highly efficient distribution networks. Your shipments and products will be packaged to ensure efficiency, protection and safety. They will be delivered on the agreed date, directly to the agreed customer, without costly intermediate stops or delays. Our goal is to shorten lead times while improving delivery precision and reducing total costs.